This is a lovely painting of Winston in his study at Chartwell, Sevenoaks by my father Chris Rooke who died at the grand old age of 97 in 2009.

As his daughter I have the greatest pleasure and pride in carrying on his good name in selling this print so that other people can enjoy it too. Out of all his work (and there were many) this is my favourite painting – the original of which I still have hanging on my wall.

Dad was a great admirer of Churchill. We used to go and visit Chartwell quite often. My father illustrated a book about Winston, and he seemed to have mastered his stance perfectly. We know that Churchill was regarded as a loose cannon and used to dictate letters from his bath and my father found him not only a very clever man but also an amusing person.

There is a photograph on Churchill’s desk in his study which really caught my eye and pulled on my heart strings. The Queen is getting out of her car and has the door wide open with one foot out of the door. Sir Winston has stepped forward to lend her his arm, whilst the other is leaning on his walking stick. She looks at him fondly and places her hand on his arm. This is a kindly gesture to let him know she can manage as she does not want to risk him falling and damaging himself. The look on her face says it all. Respect and great fondness. Winston steps back to allow the Queen to get out of her car and his face says, “that’s a relief”.

If you have never been to Chartwell, you must go. I love the round dining table laid out with emerald green and the curtains behind the same colour. The grounds are pretty and interesting with a small gallery of his paintings on show. You can also see the place where Winston sat and painted where no one could get to him. In the middle of a small pond! You are also able to see the brick wall he built in his garden. For me, the best thing was all the letters on show. I spent many happy hours reading those. It gave a great insight into his love for Clementine and about the war.

Enjoy this picture. Click here if you’re interested in purchasing a print.