Frames & Mounts Options

Luxury Double-Mounts

All my mounts are of the same very high specification and are made of a high quality, off-white, acid-free archival board.

Made of two thick boards, their style has become generally known as a ‘double’ mount. The upper board also has a decorative V-Groove to further enhance its luxurious appearance.

Wooden Frames

The two frames (as displayed in the upper image) in white and wood with gilt inlay are made from real wood.

All of my paintings are available in the wood and inlaid gilt frame that has proved the most popular of the various frames that I have used.

The appearance of some of my paintings – notably some of my landscapes and flowers and animals – are improved when seen within a wider white frame. This is very subjective and also the choice of frame depends on your home’s interior décor too.

If neither appeals I can offer a local bespoke framing service where is a large varied choice.