Wally in Lantau


I met Wally in Lantau where my brother lives.  Lantau is a small island off Hong Kong. 

Wally was strolling along the middle of the road and in fact he had every right to do so as water buffalo are a treasured species there.  My brother and I sat in the car waiting for Wally to move over – he didn’t!  So I got out of the car and gently grasped his horns and pulled him out of the way of oncoming traffic which had built up. 

His big eyes bore right through to my soul and so to my brother’s disgust, I had a cuddle and a kiss and a chat with him.  Wally listened carefully and then followed me.  In fact wherever I went Wally followed.  He never said a word of course, but listened to everything I told him.  I was very sorry to leave him and I felt very strongly I had to paint him.

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